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dnp Supernova XL provides right solution at right price

Installation Staff 14 September 2017

In the education sector, where squeezed budgets are a constant challenge for the AV departments, dnp partner FMJ found a creative way to upgrade the auditorium at a Danish high school, while staying within the school’s budget.

Located in Western Jutland, HTX Skjern wanted to create an auditorium that would better suit the school’s lecture and presentation needs. The venue admits lot of natural light and their existing solution used two screens, positioned at an angle, that made them virtually unviewable from certain seats.

The project was driven by HTX Skjern’s janitor, Henrik Jensen, who contacted AV specialists FMJ and asked them to come up with a quality solution that would fit their tight budget.

FMJ’s plan was to exchange the existing two-screen solution with one extra-large single screen, that afforded a much better viewing angle. They chose the dnp Supernova XL for its significantly better picture quality, better contrast and better colour reproduction. Its light weight made it possible to install a 150in (320 x 200cm) Supernova XL Screen, which ensured all pupils a superior viewing experience.

Run in conjunction with an Epson EB-1945W, 4200 ANSI lumen projector, this solution offered a 15:1 contrast ratio at 100 lux.

Explaining the choice, Peter Møller Johansen of FMJ states: “We needed a high-contrast display with a very large viewing angle that could be delivered on target without breaking the budget. With its excellent price-performance, the dnp Supernova XL was exactly what we needed.”

Henrik Jensen adds: “The more they use the displays, the more our teachers are impressed with the solution. With each use, they gain a better understanding of how good the picture quality actually is – no matter how much daylight there is in the auditorium.”
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