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Barco ClickShare eases collaboration at the University of Kent

Installation Staff 14 September 2017

At the beginning of 2015, the University of Kent was looking for a new presentation and collaboration solution for offices across its campuses. The university turned to AV specialists Reflex, who visited the university campus to demonstrate Barco’s ClickShare solution.

“Reflex showed us how simple ClickShare was to install,” says Jason Patrick, Intermediate building services engineer, University of Kent. “You don’t need a degree in IT to learn how it works.”

“We now have five ClickShare units across the university,” continues Patrick. “First we installed one in the main meeting room of the Estates Department. Key personnel within the university saw the unit in action and were so impressed with how easy it made presenting during meetings that they requested a unit to be installed.

“We installed three further ClickShare units in the offices of key personnel, and then another in the Rutherford College meeting room.”

ClickShare makes it easy for staff to display content from laptops, tablets or mobile phones during meetings at the click of a button. The response from staff at the university has been really positive and they have commented that being able to control presentations from a smartphone or tablet is a huge advantage, as it allows them to show their presentations remotely.

Visitors to the university can easily join in and collaborate during meetings by simply plugging in a ClickShare button into the USB port or by starting the application. “Simple for people not clued-up on technology,” says Patrick.

Since installing ClickShare, the university has seen some tangible results. It has been able to cut down on paper hand-outs, thus reducing printing and environmental costs. It has also eliminated the need for leads and wires running across the floor, while also greatly reducing the need for groups of students to gather around a single device or small screen.

“Around 70 to 80 people use our ClickShare units every day, including staff from other colleges and departments. When they revamp their rooms and facilities, they will ask for ClickShare,” concludes Patrick.

Read Tech&Learning UK’s review of ClickShare here. More information is available on the Barco ClickShare website.

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