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AVB group opens bridge certification

Jo Ruddock 29 January 2013
AVB group opens bridge certification

Heralding the migration of the Audio Video Bridging (AVB) networking standards from research halls to real world applications, industry group AVnu Alliance has announced the opening of AVnu certification testing for AVB-enabled networking bridges at its appointed testing house, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL).  Certification is available to all AVnu members.

Several manufacturers have submitted AVB-enabled devices for AVnu’s interoperability and conformance testing with more AVnu Alliance members expected to follow suit in the coming months. Manufacturers that successfully complete the certification testing will receive an official certification logo.

“The commencement of bridge certification confirms that the AVnu vision of truly interoperable open standard networking is becoming a reality,” said Rick Kreifeldt, AVnu Alliance president and VP of research & innovation, Harman. “AVnu’s rigorous testing procedures will guarantee that only wholly compliant products receive the official stamp of approval.”

Simultaneously, the global reach of AVnu Alliance continues to grow with the confirmation of the group’s 50th member, Symphony Teleca Corporation (STC). Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, STC helps customers worldwide to manage the convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices.

Dean Miles, senior vice president automotive BU at Symphony Teleca, commented: “STC considers the AVnu Alliance to be the place where theory of IEEE specifications meets the real world. The alliance provides application interoperability and certification testing which is critical to STC’s business as we deploy Ethernet AVB in the automotive and consumer electronics marketplace. AVnu is the perfect alliance for STC to prove our technology and support deployment and the evolution of interoperable AVB products.” 7-K190

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