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Australia installation for MA Lighting’s GrandMA 2 light console

Ian McMurray 10 January 2013
Australia installation for MA Lighting’s GrandMA 2 light console

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) has taken delivery of a MA Lighting grandMA2 light console which will become the venue’s main large show lighting console.

“I’ve used the classic grandMA light for many years but the grandMA2 light is great,” said Michael Hughes, senior lighting operator at the BCEC. “I found the transition between the grandMA ‘series 1’ and the grandMA2 very easy. After a few hours on the new board I knew I was going to be confident using it for the first time on one of our larger shows for the year.”

The grandMA2 light is designed to control all kinds of lighting types including conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, video and media and can handle a significant number of presets, cues, pages, sequences and effects.

“I really like the layout of it: a screen that’s stacked vertically, flat faders and the keyboard being inbuilt,” continued Hughes. “It’s just way more comfortable to sit at and very easy to use. The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorised executor faders and two touchscreens available. I like the executor buttons which I use a lot because many of the shows at the BCEC require quick access. For the same reason, I like that the cross fade across all the palettes is adjustable really easily. It’s great that everything is customisable and easy to change.”

Show Technology Australia is MA Lighting’s distributor in Australia.

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