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Audiologic now shipping new Ecler products

Duncan Proctor 16 December 2014
Audiologic now shipping new Ecler products

Audiologic has begun shipping a range of new Ecler products including the CA120 micro stereo amplifier, the HMA series of self-powered PA mixers and the WPmSCREEN touchscreen remote control wall panel.

The CA120 is more powerful than the CA40 with 2x60W offering a wider scope within applications that require integration with external control devices, including classrooms, meeting rooms and retail premises. Its remote control features include serial RS-232 port, IR receiver and 0-10 VDC remote port.

The HMA series is a range of self-powered public address mixers addressing the need for single box solutions in retail, bars and restaurants. The HMA 180 has nine audio inputs and covers a variety of applications involving background music, microphone, paging, pre-recorded messages and evacuation alarms. The HMA 120 has fewer inputs but with an integrated media player, offering an ideal user-friendly solution in less demanding circumstances.

Finally, Ecler has introduced the WPmSCREEN touchscreen remote control wall panel, compatible with all EclerNet products such as the MIMO88 digital audio matrix. The WPmScreen incorporates a 7in touchscreen and integrated UCP (User Control Panel) client and server hardware, eliminating the need for a separate computer. Each wall panel can be configured by the UCP control system as a local zone or global control (also compatible with 3rd party UCP clients eg ios, android, windows). Installation flexibility has been taken into account so the WPmSCREEN includes a surface mount installation box, as well as being compatible with standard recessed boxes and the VESA75 mount system.

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