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Audio structure made easy

test 26 January 2010
Audio structure made easy

Utah-based Listen Technologies Corporation is highlighting its recent launch of ListenPoint.

ListenPoint is designed as a simple way to provide a complete audio infrastructure for small or medium size rooms. It is designed to integrate and amplify microphone and line level sound sources from DVD to VoIP.

“Listen Technologies has always believed in the importance of fully experiencing an event; and that means not missing a single sound,” commented Russell Gentner, company president.

“Personally I get excited about providing technology that ensures an experience is truly enriching,” Gentner continued. “Often small or medium size rooms are overlooked for needing audio structure; when in fact, by amplifying the voice and other sound sources interactions become more productive and effective. I believe that with ListenPoint we can pioneer the delivery of audio structure to these rooms.”

Further product features include integrated VoIP/Skype and SoundStation2 teleconferencing, while one control dial on the central unit performs all functions. It can be used ‘out of the box’ or taken a step further with professional integration.

The ListenPoint range includes three core components; Control Unit, Room Module, and a M1 Microphone Kit.

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