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Audio matrix delivers processing and paging

Jo Ruddock 29 January 2013
Audio matrix delivers processing and paging

Showing for the first time at ISE, the AudioControl12.8 matrix from Apart Audio incorporates audio processing, control processing and extensive paging functionality. The unit has 12 inputs and eight outputs, but when using the SPDIF inputs it might even be described as a 14-in, 8-out device.

The integrated realtime task scheduler makes the AudioControl12.8 suitable for a variety of projects. Up to 120 addressable/programmable paging microphones/extenders can be connected, each with their own functionality and individual presets, and up to eight priority levels.

Available separately, the DIMIC 1 and DIMIC 12 digital paging stations are easy to configure via the host’s graphical installer interface. All buttons can be programmed to do a variety of tasks, including: page a zone, select a source, control the volume, recall a preset, trigger a macro, or control functions of other devices such as a CD player. It is possible to connect up to seven DIMIC 12S expansion units, giving rise to a total of 96 programmable buttons.

The DIWAC wall mount controller, also available separately, is suitable for controlling the AudioControl12.8 in every single room. The wall mount controller is programmable via the master unit’s graphical installer interface.

Stand: 1-P73

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