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Atlantic Technology introduces new surround bar loudspeaker

test 21 October 2009

The FS-7.0 loudspeaker contains all seven home theatre channels in a single, slim enclosure. The speaker can either be wall-mounted above or below the video display, or it can be placed on a shelf or in a flat-screen wall-mount bracket with the appropriate speaker adapter.

The specification of the FS-7.0 includes three 1in soft-dome tweeters to deliver the high frequencies for the front LCR channels; two 4 x 6in speakers on the front baffle, each of which is a dual voice coil driver; and side-firing triple voice coil drivers whose radiation angle has been calculated to produce the greatest sense of surround ‘envelopment’.

According to Atlantic Technology, the new systems’ innovative utilisation of drivers and psycho-acoustic effects means that the FS-7.0 “creates impressive and convincingly three-dimensional theatre sound from virtually any movie soundtrack – without the need for expensive onboard electronic processing circuitry and built-in amplifiers.”

The company has also introduced a “companion” product in the form of the SB-800. The 100W unit is said to deliver “room-shaking special effects and muscular, musical bass down to an impressive 32Hz.”

Steve Feinstein, director of marketing and product development for Atlantic Technology, told IE Residential: “The FS-7.0 is an excellent audio solution for those customers who want to enjoy true, discrete 7.1 channel sound, but have limited space and therefore don’t have the ability to mount seven speakers in their listening room. We expect the FS-7.0 to be particularly popular in markets where the primary listening areas are somewhat modest in size – like Europe, for instance – but the customer still demands real surround sound, not an electronically fabricated ‘virtual’ surround sound.”

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