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Ashton Bentley has tablefor7 and 9

James McGrath 30 January 2014
Ashton Bentley has tablefor7 and 9

Ashton Bentley has added to its Connect range of integrated audio-visual room collaboration products with tablefor7 and tablefor9, both of which are designed to provide ‘the perfect matched conference table’ for any medium-to-large meeting spaces.

The tablefor7 is on show for the first time at ISE and comfortably seats up to seven people at a table designed specifically to place occupants in the perfect position for both videoconferencing and collaborative meeting applications.

It uses the same tool-less construction principles as the rest of the Ashton Bentley range so that it can be shipped anywhere and assembled in minutes. The table legs used can also house third-party devices, such as computers, allowing for easy system expansion without the requirement of large equipment cabinets or dedicated rooms to house equipment.

It also comes with Ashton Bentley’s interface-f, which provides two laptop connections, microphone and semi-automated control of an adjoining Connect single or dual display system (which can be linked to the table with just a single cable).


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