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Asheridge resolving HDMI dilemmas with diagnosis tool

David Davies 14 March 2011
Asheridge resolving HDMI dilemmas with diagnosis tool

Custom install technology supplier Asheridge Communications has announced the availability of Quantum’s QD 780 HDMI and DVI test and diagnosis tool.

HDMI-related problems can be costly and time-consuming, with no easy way to ascertain why there is no picture or audio. With the QD780 it is possible to test all aspect of a system: prove that the set-top box is functioning correctly, show how many downstream HDMI devices it can support, accurately test interconnect cables to prove they can carry the HD signal correctly, test AV receivers to ensure they meet the HD or 3D spec, and check the TV is operating and determine its optimum settings for HD.

If a user is still unable to find the source of the problem, then the 780 can analyse all of the components working together as a system, with clear data to show where the incompatibilities and problems are originating from. If the technician on site cannot determine an answer at this point, all of the data can be saved and used back at the lab. Additionally, the 780 can replicate the function of the customer’s TV in the lab if its EDID data is captured while on site.

Once the problems have been solved on site, the 780 can be used to add value to the service call by utilising its built in test patterns, so that the customer’s screen can be set-up to give the optimum picture in terms of colour, brightness and contrast.

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