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Asheridge – More cable and connector choice

test 30 June 2009

Asheridge Communications has expanded its range of cables and connectors. The new Whitesands connectors are said to be easy, quick and safer to install, and are available in a variety of colours and specifications. The new cables come in single- or multi-core, and can brought off the roll to meet the exact measurement required.

The connectors come in either crimp or compression formats; both types can be terminated in under 25 seconds using a simple tool process, with the cable stripper preset for each cable type. The connectors are guaranteed to work every time and offer a pulling strain far in excess of the cable specification, says Asheridge. Colour or nickel RCA, BNC and F connectors are available. A solder-free connection means greater reliability and safer termination on site with no risk of dry joints, burns, or damage to customer fixture and fittings.

Asheridge is also now offering a full range of solid centre coax cables with 95% braid coverage, offering a 3GHz bandwidth. Single-core, 2-core (for L+R audio), 3- , 5- and 6-core are also available. The multi-core cables are wrapped in a black jacket with the inner cores colour coded for easy identification. LSOH (low smoke zero halogen jacket and inner cores) options are available.

The cables offer a 2.5in bend radius, making them suitable for rack builds and cable runs where neatness is essential and space is at a premium. The cables can also be individually cut to length, so there is no need to hide excess cable in the back of the rack. Using bespoke cabling is cheaper than using pre-made interconnects, adds Asheridge.

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