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Artistic Licence Integration launches new website

Andrew Brister 7 March 2012
Artistic Licence Integration launches new website

Artistic Licence Integration, the projects division of Wayne Howell’s Artistic Licence brand, has announced its new web presence. The site emphasises the company’s technical and project management expertise, while also serving as an invaluable information resource for anyone involved in the lighting industry.  “We wanted to create something a little different,” explains Howell. “Naturally, the site serves as a showcase for our project commissions, but I’m a great believer in added value. For this reason, we have also created an extensive knowledge base and a news section that is guaranteed yawn-free!” The site presents a mix of information in an accessible and engaging style. The extensive Glossary provides instant answers to easily forgotten technical terms (or perhaps words you never knew). For deeper conceptual understanding, the Technology Brief section offers an overview of many topical areas.  The Spyglass section offers technology news in its broadest sense. Stories range from the highly topical ‘Liking Li-Fi’ (an emerging lighting industry theme) to ‘Optical Tractor Beam’ (futuristic technology, but by no means science fiction).  Naturally, the site features a Blog and Twitter feed and users can also subscribe to a newsletter that contains the latest press releases and Spyglass stories. 

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