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Arthur Holm to launch scalable DynamicShare system at InfoComm

Duncan Proctor 2 June 2015
Arthur Holm to launch scalable DynamicShare system at InfoComm

Arthur Holm has announced the launch of its DynamicShare HD signal selection and distribution system at InfoComm this month. It aims to solve connectivity and HDMI signal routing and distribution challenges in conference, meeting and boardrooms.

The system consists of a set of Arthur Holm monitors connected in a HDMI closed daisy chain loop. This allows any user to send a HDMI signal to all other participants, and to other large displays or projectors in a meeting room. They can also display their own local sources on the monitor without interfering with the shared signal in other monitors.

DynamicShare includes a built-in control system with buttons integrated into the cover plate, but it can also be controlled remotely through any external control system.

The ‘share’ button will select and distribute the user´s signal to all other participants, while the ‘private’ button will show the video source locally, not affecting the shared signal running inside the loop.

Multiple connectivity solutions are available, a single or dual retractable HDMI cable integrated into selected Arthur Holm products connects laptops, tablets and other HDMI enabled devices. External sources can be connected, locally or remotely, and can be integrated into the DynamicShare system, which can also be integrated with Dynamic Tablift, to create a BYOD solution.

In addition to the version embedded into Arthur Holm or Albiral monitors, DynamicShare is also available as a standalone solution. For scalability, there are multiple HDMI inputs and outputs and external monitors and sources can be added to the loop.

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