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Artcoustic revamps UK showroom for SL range

David Davies 15 February 2012
Artcoustic revamps UK showroom for SL range

The overhauled facility in Chelmsford features Spitfire SL 16-8 loudspeakers installed for LCR duties, accompanied by Spitfire SL subs for LFE and C1 SL for side and rear channels to deliver a 7.1 configuration.

According to Artcoustic, the system has been designed to exceed industry standards and delivers an ‘amazing performance that really needs to be experienced’ in person.

The showroom – which is open now and ready for demonstrations for Artcoustic dealers and their clients – features an interior design by Steven Thorne Interior Design.

Artcoustic UK & Eire’s Paul Cummin told IE Residential: "We have given our popular showroom facility [a] big upgrade with the new SL range now available, and felt it time to update the aesthetics too. Working in conjunction with Steven Thorne Interior Design, we now have one of the finest facilities anywhere in Europe to demonstrate stunning private cinemas and audio-visual solutions. It is pitched as high-end performance with an accessible price point, and priced to be a very commercial solution. Installers are encouraged to bring their clients along to get the them excited and enthusiastic about what is achievable. Brochures and a dull quotation just aren’t enough these days. Inspiration works!"

In other news, Artcoustic has made an iPad app available for free download on the app store, and revealed that its Inspirational Gallery on Flickr has received nearly 200,000 views in one year – an achievement that makes it the largest and most popular site for home cinema and music system images.

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