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Artcoustic loudspeakers selected for luxurious UK install

test 10 October 2007

Loudspeakers from Artcoustic have been included as part of an elaborate high-end cinema and music system installation at a house in the Hertfordshire countryside. Project design and installation was carried out by Design Logistics, reports David Davies.

Quality audio and video, ease-of-use and discrete installation were among the priorities specified by the client to Design Logistics. In the case of audio, this led the company to select a number of different Artcoustic speakers, including one pair of DFF120-43s and one pair of DF65-50s in the main living room. The loudspeakers were supplied with artwork from Artcoustic’s Karmameju range, the abstract designs and neutral colours of which complement the room’s interior design.

Artcoustic sales director Paul Cummin told II: “Clients spend a long time choosing their furniture, colour scheme and finishes and this should not be limited when they choose their speakers, which is why Artcoustic is designed to be chosen as you would any other piece of furniture.”

In the dedicated cinema room, the Artcoustic specification includes three Spitfire Monitors, two Spitfire subs, four Diablo Monitors and five PA-300 power amplifiers.

“For the home’s cinema room, top performance was the only way to go and we selected the Artcoustic Spitfire System,” said Nick Moore, Design Logistics’ sales director. “The shallow profile of the Spitfire monitors and subwoofer meant that very little space was lost in the room without compromising the sound quality.”

The compact designs of the Artcoustic speakers meant that the entire speaker system could be discreetly placed behind the acoustically transparent Screen Research screen, enabling more space to be set aside for seating.

Equipment from Crestron, Lutron and Elite, among other manufacturers, was also installed as part of this project.

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