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Armour’s Systemline specified for NI eco housing scheme

test 20 August 2009

Woodbrok (pictured) in Brokerston Village is described as Northern Ireland’s first ‘eco neighbourhood’, writes David Davies. The new scheme is being developed by The Carvill Group to fulfil exacting environmental standards. Each property is being fitted with a single source audio Armour Home Systemline Modular Home Entertainment System in two zones – the lounge and master bedroom.

The integrated nature of the system and its capacity for easy upgrade are among the benefits offered by the Systemline solution. Occupants simply plug their audio equipment into a wall socket or the iPod docking station; they can then listen to the contents in a chosen room by using a remote control.

The Systemline equipment is being installed by NI home automation and multi-room entertainment system company INIT.

“The upgrade path is very important,” said INIT’s Conor McCarthy. “Systemline allows you to start with a basic single source system which is a good entry level for the developer. It allows the developer to offer an in-built entertainment system at a relatively low cost. The purchaser also benefits as he has a great audio system in place, but has the option to cost-effectively upgrade to multi source audio and even video, with very little disruption as the cabling is already in place. It’s a very effective sales strategy for the developer with relatively little upfront cost.”

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