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Armour Home launches Q2 internet radio

Andrew Brister 10 November 2010
Armour Home launches Q2 internet radio

Armour Home has introduced a compact internet radio it has dubbed the Q2. The 10cm cube has no knobs or buttons and is operated by tilting or tipping.

Armour Home’s Q2 internet radio boasts an intuitive and revolutionary user interface, requiring no confusing displays, knobs or buttons in everyday use. Simply turn it on and tilt the front upwards to increase the volume. To decrease volume, just tilt the cube forward. To change to another of your favourite stations, simply tip the cube onto another of its four sides. To turn it off, just tilt it onto its front, the Q2 at first mutes and then, if not moved for several minutes, goes into standby to conserve its rechargeable battery.

Armour’s marketing director, Kevin Taylor, says: “Simplicity, complete 100% simplicity, underlines the design concept behind the Q2 Radio. We believe its unique and fun means of operation, as well as its innovative and vibrant style, has the potential to forever change the way people interact with radio.”

The internet offers listeners the choice to hear tens of thousands of different radio stations, but in practice nearly everyone sticks to their favourite two or three, says Armour. The Q2’s straightforward, step-by-step set-up application for PC or Mac computers allows consumers to select their four favourite stations. Once this is done, and the internal rechargeable battery has been charged, then the Q2 is ready for use. Owners can easily change their four favourite stations by reconnecting the Q2 to their computer.

Five different colours are available – white, black, lime, pink and blue. Each Q2 radio is finished with a “soft touch” feel, with a contrasting high gloss front bezel and matching speaker grille.

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