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Armour and CEDIA announce new training move

test 15 July 2009

Armour Training Academy and CEDIA Region 1 have adopted a "closer tie" on training matters, reports David Davies. With immediate effect, the Armour team will offer a 10% discount on all training courses (excluding the Autocad Course) to CEDIA Region 1 members, whether based in the UK or within Region 1.


In addition, Armour will also include a detailed pamphlet in its delegate training packs detailing the benefits of being a full installer member of CEDIA.


Matt Nimmons, operations director of CEDIA Region 1, said: "We welcome this initiative by Armour as collectively we need to continually drive standards forward in the residential CI market."


Looking to the future, Ashley Hutchinson – CI category manager at Armour Home – told IE Residential: "It is Armour’s intention to continue to improve our quality of training, as well as the number and subjects of the courses. We would like to introduce more courses that meet CEDIA Region 1 CEU certification, and hold more joint events with CEDIA UK where possible to promote the benefits of CEDIA membership to our customers. An example of this would be the roadshow events currently running with someone from CEDIA UK attending four out of five of them."

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