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Aquavision adds custom options

test 30 June 2009

Aquavision says it has responded to requests from designers and specifiers for a made-to-measure solution by offering the Bespoke Range with panel and screen size options. All units feature an Aquavision waterproof television behind MirrorVision or fully mirrored glass.

The glass panels can be supplied in any size – landscape or portrait – up to a maximum of 200cm x 150cm, with six sizes of Aquavision screens ranging from 10in to 40in. The tailor-made televisions can incorporate multiple screens, back lighting, mounting holes, basin taps and are available with additional matching glass panels to create a mirror wall effect.

“Our design department has been extremely busy in the past year, having received requests from specifiers and designers,” said Richard Henton, general manager, Aquavsion. “Through the dedication and hard work of our team, and going that extra mile to make sure our customers receive a solution that really meets their needs we are looking forward to seeing the new bespoke range in both the private and public arena.”

The Aquavision LCD is fitted to the glass using a special mounting bezel, which is bonded to the glass during manufacture. The company offers various finishes and frames.

MirrorVision Glass provides a mirror finish providing a high quality reflection. Although it is not a full chrome mirror, it has the appearance of a slightly tinted mirror. When the television is switched off, the whole of the glass has the same mirror appearance. When it is switched on, the area in front of the screen becomes opaque.

The fully mirrored chrome glass features a blank glass area where the television is located. When the television is switched off, the area where it is located appears black.

According to Aquavision, orders have already been received from hotels, private homes and a luxury leisure centre that is having a 40in screen fitted behind eight glass panels in its reception area.

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