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APG, Lab.gruppen for Russian fountain revamp

David Davies 9 November 2011
APG, Lab.gruppen for Russian fountain revamp

A renovated ‘multimedia fountain’ in Krasnodar’s Theatre Square has been equipped with APG MC216C loudspeakers, powered by Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers.

Unveiled to 15,000 spectators last month, the revamped fountain features a central jet powerful enough to project up to 30m in the air, along with four smaller jets.

Project installation company Yugdoka was enlisted to design and supply an audio system that would deliver professional quality audio for speech reinforcement and concert-style music playback, which is an integral part of the regular son et lumiere-style shows with the fountains. Intelligibility throughout the square and full weatherproofing were among the chief priorities.

Ultimately, Yugdoka owner.MD Alexander Kharchenko and his team opted for a distributed system of a total of eighteen APG MC216C fully weatherproofed systems, mounted on six poles across the square. APG’s MC2 loudspeakers are two-way passive vented enclosures with two 6.5” mid/low drivers and a 1” tweeter that come in 4- or 16-ohm versions. For this application, Yugdoka selected the 16-ohm option.

“Using six points of three loudspeakers each ensured perfect coverage across the whole square without sounding harsh or aggressive,” said Kharchenko. “The inauguration ceremony was a fantastic show which took place in front of 15,000 people, including all of the city’s dignitaries, so it was a good test for all the systems concerned – not just the audio! However, everything ran like clockwork; it looked and sounded good, so everyone was pleased. The results met all of our expectations and fulfilled the desires of the customer.”

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