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APart launch player and Netkits

test 1 February 2012
APart launch player and Netkits

Indicative of a very busy period in its R&D department, APart Audio has announced the launch of multiple new products, including the PMR4000R multi-source music player.
Featuring an integrated FM RDS tuner, internet radio, UPnP and USB media player, the PMR4000R allows the user to play all files (MP3, WMA, Flag and WAV) located on their local servers. Menu guided set-up and operation are intended to make the player installer- and user-friendly.
APart has also released details of new Netkit devices, Netkit IR and Netkit RS, that enable the control of any IR or RS232 controlled device from the tablet, smartphone or PC in the user’s local network.
Among other developments, the Belgium-based manufacturer is also showcasing the CMSQ108 in-wall/in-ceiling speaker and its EASE-Address software, which is designed to provide an accurate acoustical simulation of a venue.
Stand: 1P110

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