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Another path to the Waterfall with SERIO

David Davies 20 June 2011
Another path to the Waterfall with SERIO

As well as the existing black and white options, Waterfall Audio’s SERIO satellite loudspeaker is now available in silver with a choice of seven grille colours.

Designed with ‘modern life fully in mind’, the SERIO HFM 2.1 package is supplied with Waterfall’s HMF (High Force) compact, active subwoofer, which boasts three Class D amplifiers (120W amplifier for the sub and 2 x 60W for the Satellites). Full bodied and dynamic bass is delivered through a 7-inch bass driver.

Ease of connectivity is a priority, with a 3.5mm jack allowing connection to all standard multimedia sources, including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptop, notepad and TV.

All SERIO models are based around an 8cm/3” Atohm drive unit, housed in a die-cast aluminium chassis with a safety-glass surround. The overall cabinet depth of the SERIO satellite is only 8.5cm, and each package comes with an accessory pack, including a wall bracket and three rubber mounting devices for desk/shelf positioning.

Nadine Chaix-Dewell, export manager for Waterfall Audio, offered IE Residential a sales update: “Our aim when designing HFM 2.1 was to bring Waterfall style and substance to a wider audience with a more affordable proposal as a desktop solution and catering to the iPod/iTunes users. After a slow start due to the economy as we know it, we are now experiencing soaring sales in a few markets across Europe: mainly France, of course, but also Italy, Russia, Switzerland, etc. The sales channels are different with more general stores and custom electricians. Young professionals and some students are turning to our system, [which allows] their desks/offices [to] be turned into ‘party’ rooms! We are expecting and are ready for a very ‘hot’ fall with the upcoming Xmas sales.”

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