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Another arts centre credit for APG’s Uniline

David Davies 11 January 2011
Another arts centre credit for APG’s Uniline

The 495-seat centre of arts and culture in Meudon, Paris, has been installed with new APG loudspeakers, replacing a ten-year-old system – also from APG.

Having been very satisfied with the previous APG system, Meudon production manager Samuel Songis decided to find out what the brand could offer for the new installation. In conjunction with APG product manager Matthiew Delquignies, AV integrator D6BEL organised a demo of the Uniline compact line array system in the theatre.

“The results were more than satisfactory,” said Songis. “The sound was homogenous across the spectrum, and the horizontal and vertical coverage was extremely impressive. In fact, it gave us everything we’d been missing with the old DS15s in a room that is as wide as it is deep like we have here. The demo was entirely conclusive for us, and convinced us to continue our relationship with, and investment in APG. I’m also delighted to be encouraging French technology in their home market, although it’s easy when the quality is as good as this!”

The full system comprises four UL210 mid/hi cabinets and two UL115B bass cabinets per side, flown from the proscenium arch, and two SUB238S subs beneath the stage. A pair of DS15s (one per side) act as side fills supplemented by four APG DS8s for front fill. A further four DS8s are deployed as balcony fills on a delay. Processing is by three APG DMS26 digital system processors, while amplification comes from Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers. The monitor system utilises six DS15s, four DS15Rs and four APG Micro Series MC24 loudspeakers designed specifically for vocal reinforcement.

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