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AMX debuts Enova

Andy Stout 29 January 2010
AMX debuts Enova

Enova is a new suite of technologies from AMX that combines all the components needed to control or automate any environment in a single box.

“AMX set out to accomplish more than a single goal with Enova,” the company stated. “We set out to build a product line that simplified aspects of system design, programming and installation. Enova improves all three of the essential parts of your dealership – business management, sales, and the technical side including system design and installation. It’s about improving your business, exceeding your customer’s expectations, and simplifying every project.”

The AMX Enova products were first launched in mid 2009, and are on show for the first time in Europe at ISE. These include the DVX-2100HD for the design, programming and installation of presentations.

The DVX can automatically communicate with newly connected display devices to determine native resolutions and can up convert any input signals beyond HD resolutions up to 1920×1200. It offers over 200 input signal combinations of DVI, RGB, Component, S-Video, and Composite and has built-in transcoding and scaling which automatically optimises the management of video input and output.

“The DVX-2100HD is a total environment solution that eliminates the need for separate devices, thus reducing connectivity time, integration time, hardware installation time, and that all reduces your overall cost,” explained AMX.

Companion product Enova AVX-400 is designed for a moderate presentation environment. It features control, multi-format inputs, AV switching, audio mixing and amplification – all using Cat5. It’s packaged it into two total environment solutions suitable for small to medium classrooms or meeting rooms.

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