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Amina’s ‘invisible’ speakers get rackmount protection

test 16 June 2009

A new rackmounted protection system makes it easier for installers to protect Amina’s AIWX Invisible Loudspeaker range in major installations. Rather than requiring an individual protection unit locally for each speaker, the new APU-R provides centralised protection in a 19in 1U rack platform.


Amina’s Plaster-In Invisible Loudspeakers have proved a popular choice in high-end installs, but until now have used local (two-channel) protection units. The result of requests from integrators for a unit suitable for whole-house installs, the new APU-R is a totally passive eight-channel system that can run configurations varying from eight loudspeakers all in different rooms, all the way up to a seven-speaker install for a 7.1 surround theatre, and any combination in between.


Each channel has its own selectable jumper to enable it to handle the whole Amina AIWX range: 20W (for the AIWX1), 40W (AIWX3) 80W (AIWX5) or any mix of these within the one unit.


The APU-R is fitted with a high pass filter to ensure that the Amina speaker is not fed with excessive bass frequency, and also features thermal fusing to prevent the speakers from being accidentally overdriven. Neutrik Speakon Plugs, located on the rear panel, are used for input and output connections.


The new unit also meets all the required criteria for Amina’s 10-year AIWX loudspeaker warranty.


Available now, the product has received very good initial feedback from the market, Amina managing director Richard Newlove told IE Residential. "A number of our UK clients particularly like the Speakon connectors, which can’t fall out or unscrew. They’re hard-wearing, reliable and robust."

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