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Allen & Heath enlivens Australian Outback Spectacular

test 6 August 2007

The evening starts in a huge barn themed as a traditional outback shearing shed complete with machinery, which comes complete with beer kegs, harvester parts and even a Ford Ute truck. The area features a live musician or band; mixing for the live acts happens via an Allen & Heath PA12-CP powered mixer with a selection of Audio-Technica wireless and handheld microphones. A Martin Audio speaker system has also been used.

The show demonstrates herding techniques and skilled horsemanship, along with a wide selection of animals, including 31 horses, 30 cattle, 50 sheep and two camels.

The huge production, which is set in a 1,000-seat arena, is handled via a stage manager’s system, which manages show relay and paging in the back of house and foyer areas. It’s controlled by an Allen & Heath iDR-8 DSP engine, which is powered by QSC amps and delivered by Atlas Sound ceiling speakers and Martin Audio C115s.

Pocket radio/headphone sets are available for attendees who require translations of the content, and they have seven languages on offer, including Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and a hard-of-hearing English commentary.

A MOTU digital interface works as a D to A converter, while an Allen & Heath iDR-8 performs audio post processing and critical limiting prior to transmission. Audio operators can monitor the progress of cues on separate PC monitors and even add live commentary if required.

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