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All hail the Yellow – Sharp Electronics goes four-colour

test 25 March 2010

In a notable first, the new Sharp Aquos LED LCD TV series introduces a fourth colour sub-pixel – yellow – to the traditional red, green, blue format. According to Sharp, the new four-colour technology “enables billions of colours to be displayed, creating more sparkling gold, emerald greens and Caribbean blues”.

Each model is HD-ready 1080p and incorporates Sharp’s UltraBrilliant Edge-lit panel technology, which has been designed to deliver “incredible contrast”. Built-in Freeview HD allows users to watch all HD channels without the need for an additional set-top box, while the flagship model, the LC-LE921E, features E-motion 200 technology to allow fast-moving images to retain clarity and definition.

Housed in a contemporary design with 39mm deep panel glass, the Aquos TVs are said to offer energy consumption “significantly lower” than in conventional fluorescent backlit LCDs.

In the UK, the LC-LE811E, LC-LE821E and LC-LE921E models are available in 40in and 46in, while the LC-LE920 is available in 60in.

Paul Molyneux, managing director of Sharp Electronics UK, commented: “Today, with the new Aquos LED LCD TV series, Sharp has evolved LCD TV technology from three to four primary colour technology, broadening the visual experience and immersing viewers in a palate of colours that has never been possible until now.”

Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis added: “A key mechanism of perceiving colour involves comparing levels of red versus green light and blue versus yellow light, which all happens in a special layer of neurons within the retina. The addition of the yellow sub-pixel (to the standard red, green and blue) in this product creates so many new colour tones that the new technology Sharp is using to create images is mimicking critical features of the brain’s visual system which turn lightwaves striking the retina into beautiful, vividly coloured, images in our minds.”

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