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Alcons’ immersive home cinema audio demo

Paddy Baker 10 January 2017
Alcons' immersive home cinema audio demo

ISE visitors can enjoy a ‘pro-ribbon immersive experience’, aimed at the residential market, with Alcons Audio showcasing its high-end C-series home cinema systems through a collaboration with Barco Residential, DreamScreen and Trinnov.

To support Alcons’ claim of “bringing hi-fi at concert sound pressure levels” in any size application, the experience is set up in an acoustically optimised listening room on the company’s stand, where visitors can experience a 11.1.8 channel pro-ribbon surround system.

Alcons pro-ribbon drivers are suitable for home theatre installations because of their exceptionally low distortion at only one-tenth of the THD of compression or dome drivers. They also perform with the same tonal balance at all SPLs.

To address the high audio quality needs of home theatre, Alcons cinema systems also include an advanced integration between amplifier and loudspeakers with the aim of actively compensating for the effect of long speaker cables. They also offer exceptional patented coverage control, slim designs and performance reliability.

The system is based on the CRMS cinema reference monitor system, with CRMSCompact surrounds both based on Alcons’ pro-ribbon transducer technology, and is entirely AES3 digitally driven by Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers.

Stand: 6-H148

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