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Alcons extends its digital cinema offer

Andrew Brister 27 May 2013
Alcons extends its digital cinema offer

Dutch audio specialist introduces the CR3 pro-ribbon cinema screen system. It is designed to meet and exceed all requirements of current and future digital cinema sound formats. With the digital cinema standard of 24-bit, up-to-16-channels of PCM non-compressed audio, now becoming reality, new challenges have arrived for existing equipment. Upgrading with just higher powered versions of existing solutions is just not enough to benefit from the new audio standard. Speech, music and effect should be reproduced with non-compressed non-coloured detail, with lowest distortion and fullest digital dynamics. Extending Alcons’ digital cinema sound system range, the company has developed the CR3 thee-way pro-ribbon cinema screen system, specifically aimed at medium-sized applications, where excellent projection control and superb, 1:1 accurate, non-compressed digital sound reproduction is required. It is designed to meet and exceed all requirements of current and future digital cinema sound formats. Due to the Alcons pro-ribbon transducer technology, the CR3 offers a linear response to above 20.000Hz. The absence of a compression mechanism caters for the same tonal balance from the lowest to highest SPLs, while the patented “Real-90” horizontal dispersion of the pro-ribbon transducer guarantees a very stable sound field throughout the operating bandwidth. This also widens the stereo experience for those seated in the far left and right of the audience.  The 40° vertical cylindrical projection of the HF section (inclusive screen spreading compensation), in combination with the 10° pre-tilt, caters for a very precise projection control, preventing unwanted ceiling reflections. The shallow system design of 35cm guarantees economic mounting, potentially allowing an extra row of seats. 

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