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Alcons cinema sound launch

test 26 January 2010
Alcons cinema sound launch

Exhibiting in its home country, Netherlands-based Alcons is launching a ‘reference-quality’ sound reproduction system.

Based on matched loudspeaker, processing and amplifier components, the CRMS – Cinema Ribbon Monitor System – is aimed at environments ranging from high-end home cinemas, to mix/screening rooms and even quality-conscious commercial cinemas of up to 100 seats.

Alcons says CRMS is a ‘unique hybrid 3-way main /2-way surround-system’. There is a separate mid-high frequency cabinet, combining a pro-ribbon high frequency driver with an 8in cone driver in a sealed enclosure. In addition to this, there is a low frequency section, empoying a 15in driver with low power-compression 4in voice-coil in a ported cabinet.

The manufacturer has designed the mid/high frequency section so that it can be employed for the main/front system, as well as part of the full-range surround systeem, when used with the low frequency enclosure. This results in ‘a very uniform sound stage throughout the entire listening area’ Alcons claims.

“Featuring the patented RBN401 pro-ribbon driver, the CRMS combines a remarkable clarity and intelligibility, with a unusually high headroom SPL,” explained a spokesman for the company.

“The Alcons pro-ribbon drivers have up to 90% less distortion than any conventional mid/high transducer, at the same SPL. Due to the ‘direct-drive’ principle of the pro-ribbon transducer – no compression threshold – the system has the same tonal balance from the lowest to the highest SPLs.”

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