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AKG integrates DMS 700 into System Architect

test 15 January 2010

AKG has updated its System Architect plug-in for the HUB 4000 Q to version 3.5 with the launch of Harman System Architect 2.1. As a result, the DMS 700 professional digital wireless microphone system is now entirely integrated into System Architect for full compatibility with Harman connectivity and control protocol HiQnet.

Users have the ability to set-up and monitor multichannel DMS 700 systems with tools including 1 Click Setup, RF Monitor, Environment Scan and Offline Configuration. 1 Click Setup allows the frequency co-ordination of DMS 700 multichannel systems to be completed in one click.

In addition to DMS 700, other AKG professional wireless systems – including the WMS 4000/5000 and the IVM 4 – can be fully integrated with System Architect 2.1

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