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Adamson announces new Scandinavian operation and distributor for Germany/Austria

test 17 March 2008

Led by general manager Florian Goebel, Gefen Distribution GmbH is said to enable “timely delivery” of AV enhancement equipment manufactured by Gefen, including the full line of professional quality extenders, switchers, scalers, splitters and cables, along with the new GefenTV line for ‘prosumers’ and home theatre users.

“This was a natural transition for us,” said Goebel, who founded Gefen Distribution GmbH & Co. “We distributed Gefen solutions for many years under SDI GmbH to the German market, and believed it was time for a larger presence in an area where digital TV is rapidly developing.”

Gefen Inc president and CEO Hagai Gefen told II: “Gefen Distribution GmbH marks a new era for Gefen in that we are partnering with local distributors to achieve a strong presence with on-time product availability and deep technical support capabilities while adhering to local customs and controls.”

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