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Aavara’s PCE122 ‘excellent’ for DOOH

Andy Stout 31 January 2011
Aavara's PCE122 'excellent' for DOOH

There is no gainsaying the growing popularity of HDMI – but it is often neither convenient, appropriate nor cost-effective to install HDMI cable. For these cases, Aavara has introduced the PCE122 HDMI over single coaxial splitter/extender.

Designed for both residential HD AV distribution and DOOH applications, the PCE122 features professional broadcast-grade SDI technology and can send HDMI 1080p video over coax. It supports Full HD (1080p) up to 120m, with full 7.1 channel audio, using a single RG-6 coaxial cable. The conversion is fully digital (HDMI to SDI and back again) and, says the company, virtually lossless.

The PCE122 also includes a built-in 1 to 2 coaxial splitter to drive two separate receivers, and each receiver has a loop-through to daisy chain additional receivers as required. There is support for multi-layer receiver cascade for ultra-long distance 1080p video transmission and multiple TVs/displays/projectors connected. Cables are connected via BNC connector on the PCE122 sender and receiver for a secure, vibration-resistant connection.

According to Aavara, the PCE122 is excellent for DOOH applications. The Aavara HDMI over coax solution, says the company, allows the server or video source device to be kept in a secure place, and output HDMI video via the PCE122 to distribute 1080p video, live, to all displays, whether indoors, outdoors, or even in the next building – meaning that there is no need for a media player per display: these can simply be replaced by the PCE122 receiver which is lower cost, robust and low maintenance.


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