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A new market for Soundcraft

Jo Ruddock 30 January 2013
A new market for Soundcraft

The new Si Expression range of cost-effective audio mixers will “widen our user base significantly,” as they are designed to suit multiple markets, from small school or theatre installations upwards, believes Soundcraft’s senior manager marketing, Dave Neal.  “They are very powerful for the size of console because of all the DSP. There is about 200 rack units worth of processing in this,” including a full Lexicon effects engine. The three models offer 16, 24 and 32 fader and mic inputs and are designed to be easy to use and very flexible, with assignable fader layers, which are particularly useful as you can set it up so the main presenter is always on the same fader whatever layer you choose. All models can have 66 inputs to mix by connecting any Soundcraft stagebox, including the two new Mini Stagebox 16 and 32 (16×8 and 32×16) models, which link to the console via MADI. Stand: 1-M22 

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