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A new generation of Digimic from Brähler

James McGrath 25 January 2012
A new generation of Digimic from Brähler

Brähler exhibitor is showing its new Digimic Cmic CSV delegate unit, which has been enhanced by adding channel selection and voting capabilities, all of which is controllable via a 256×32 pixel OLED display.

As a stand-alone system in combination with an enhanced central DCen, the system is conceived for seven languages and floor channel. The new Digimic system also includes the company’s newly-developed DDol interpreter console, which incorporates the design and ergonomics of the DOLV, which was developed with the support of EU interpreters and has successfully established itself in the marketplace.

The Cmic CSV has a host of features including five pre-selectable relay channels and one original; three selectable outgoing channels; a cough button; an LED hearing guard; speak slow, auto relay, and help functions; and an operator and/or chairman call.

The system can be operated together with a gooseneck microphone and headphones or headset. Its interpreter functions are directly integrated into the Digimic conference system, meaning there is no need for an additional control console; and the central DCen automatically recognises which units are connected. The intercom stations and interpreter consoles are powered via D9 system cable.
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