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A milestone in the evolution of sound reproduction: a new concept in home cinema sound

James McGrath 16 January 2014

One of the most exciting innovations at this year’s ISE is the Immersive Sound Experience taking place in Room E105 of the Amsterdam RAI during all three days of the show. For the first time at ISE, a group of companies including Datasat Digital Entertainment, Genelec, Screenline and Lang AG have come together to create a room showcasing the most immersive sound technology with Auro 3D.

In addition to rolling demonstrations of this next generation high-end home cinema installation, there will be regular presentations from guest speakers including Wilfried van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies and pioneer of the Auro 3D format.

Since the release of Red Tails in January 2012 an increasing number of movie releases have featured Auro 3D. The format incorporates the extra dimension “Height” (z-axe) by adding 2 vertical layers above the existing 5.1 / 7.1 surround standards. Adding these Height speakers above the existing 5.1 / 7.1 creates a “vertical stereo field” in front and all around the listener which is key to get the most immersive sound experience possible: much more natural sound due to a better vertical spread of energy plus much more harmonics and depth. The sound information from this “vertical stereo field” (unique to the Auro-3D format ) creates a much better vertical precision of the sounds as well as their natural 3D reflections which delivers the consumer the experience like “being there”

A growing number of movie theatres worldwide are making the transition to Auro 3D and now a select number of companies are making it possible to experience Auro 3D at home.

The Immersive Sound Experience gives attendees the chance to experience the power of immersive home cinema. The companies involved have created a listening room based on a range of leading edge video and audio components. Throughout the exhibition visitors will be able to experience high quality audio with stunning content including the latest classical and rock concerts and Hollywood releases. They will also be able to learn more about the evolution of digital surround sound and the potential of immersive sound formats by attending the presentations.

ISE 2014 visitors will be able to reserve their space for the Immersive Sound Experience by visiting Datasat on Stand 5-U110 in Hall 5.

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