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3M launches metal mesh multitouch displays in Europe

Paddy Baker 14 June 2016
3M metal mesh multitouch

3M has announced the commercial European launch of its new PCAP Multi-Touch Displays, featuring its proprietary ultrafine metal mesh design. Previewed at ISE 2016, the displays are claimed to set a new benchmark in visual clarity, performance and design flexibility, particularly for large-format systems within retail, museums and other digital signage applications. The range includes a 65in diameter projected capacitive touch (PCT) display, with full 4K support.

At the core of these new displays is an ultrafine metal mesh conductor, which is claimed to overcome design and optical challenges experienced with other touch solutions, and can deliver “exceptional” touch performance in a fully integrated chassis solution, without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

The very thin conductive layer (just three microns) is not visible to the user, and can project through thicker glass – making it suitable for public, unattended or high volume of usage applications. Additionally the new metal mesh is flexible, so it can support curved display designs. Narrow trace spacing reduces the border and maximises the projective surface area.

Paolo Pedrazzoli, marketing operations manager, 3M Touch Systems EMEA, commented: “As consumers demand a more intuitive, consistent and interactive multimedia AV experience, so the industry has to react with technology that matches expectations. Our new range takes the multi-touch experience to another level, opening up new potential for users, designers, independent software vendors and systems integrators.”
The displays are available in five size options from 32 in to 65in, and support up to 80 simultaneous touch points.; active pens and passive styli are supported. Their anti-glare properties and absence of moire pattern provide a clear viewing experience even in bright lighting.

The range is available from this summer via 3M and its network of multitouch partners.

3M metal mesh technology

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